Southeastern Dance Showcase 2010

The lights fade, the crowd noise dies down, and music fills everyone’s ears as the show that people all have been waiting for begins.  December 9 at 7:30 p.m., the Southeastern University Dance Showcase took place in Bush Chapel.  The event was directed and choreographed by Professor Nickolas Dixon.  The group that performed was from Dixon’s campus dance class.  Every year they host a dance showcase to give performances on the pieces that the class has worked on throughout the semester.

SEU dancers posing for one of their pieces.

Dancers performing one of the many routines.

“I heard great things about last year’s showcase.  I expected the performances to be just as creative and excellent as the pervious years,” said junior Courtney Aperfine, 21.  Many students waited outside the chapel for thirty minutes to get a front row seat for the showcase.  The dance class had everyone in excitement for the awaited event.

“I was shaking during the first song, but I picked a spot on the back wall and focused on it throughout the night.  The rush of dancing up on stage kept me on my toes,” said senior Elaine Bluemling, 21.  Bluemling was one of the many students in the show.  She and her classmates got over their nerves fast and came out with a dynamite performance.

SEU dancers performing one of the first songs of the night.

Many of the dancers had injuries from the long practices yet were able to perform to the best of their ability.  The practices leading up to the showcase lasted up to five hours a night.  Professor Dixon wanted to make sure that each dance was flawless.

The showcase had a total of 11 pieces including two dance videos and a live vocal performance by junior Jessica Cespedes.  From the lights to the media, Professor Dixon conducted every detail.  He choreographed all the dances for the showcase and wrote a song called “End of the Day” for one of the pieces.

Jessica Cespedes performing "End of the Day"Students dancing in Bush Chapel.

“Dixon is one of the most well rounded artists that I know.  He has a business mind, an artist mind, and a creative mind that we can all learn from.  He taught us what we should do when we get on stage, why we should be on stage, and how to perform to the best of our ability,” said graduate student Stephanie Garrison.

Dance student keeping with the beat.

“Dixon is one of the most amazing directors I have ever worked with.  He is calm during the most stressful time leading up to the showcase,” said dancer Niki Pirola, 20.
Some of the performances stuck out among the rest.  The performance choreographed to the song “Be Mine” was a personal favorite to the audience and to the dancers.

Dancer performing a solo to the song "Be Mine".

Performance from the song "Be Mine".

“’Be mine’ was a last minute song added into the showcase; so at first I was nervous about performing it.  Yet after practicing the piece, the three other dancers and I were able to put our personalities into the dance and it became my favorite performance of the night,” said Garrison.

Though all the practices and rehearsals, the students came together to convey a message of hope.

SEU performing a scene from one of their pieces.

“We have become a family through the making of this production.  Tonight’s performance was the best yet,” said Pirola.
The dancers put their hearts into the performance and it paid of in the end.
“I loved the whole show!  Professor Dixon and all the students did an amazing job and it was well put together.  I cannot wait to see what comes next from the dance department,” said Aperfine.


Students dancing in Bush Chapel.

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