Official Podcast Logo By: danieljohnsonjr

PR podcasting is like a radio segment.  I was listening to #PRStudCast and they had a host an two guests on the show.  The topic was on media policy and how our employers will look at what we post on Facebook or Twitter.  We need to make sure that what we put on our social networking sites will be appropriate for our potential employers to see.

Another podcast from #PRStudCast was about how to plan the beginning of your semester and stay ahead in classes.  This is great for all PR students because the hosts gave tips from planner apps to exercising during the semester.  Students should get organized at the beginning of a semester so that they will not be surprised with any last minute assignments being thrown at them.

Some PR podcasts discuss different books that would be beneficial to someone in PR.  For Immediate Release is a podcast that recommended different books for marketers. They also talked about blogging and how its good to be current and write more than just a response to someone’s comment but to be in depth.

It suprises me how conversational the podcast hosts are.  They talk about the weather and have relaxed conversations before going into the main topic of the podcast.  It also caught me of guard that people are speaking from everywhere in the world.  For example, on the For Immediate Release, one host is in California while the other one is in England.  The hosts read their comments from others and appreciate the feedback.  The podcasts sound like shows that would be on the radio or television.

Listening to PR podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners.  I believe that students and practitioners should listen weekly to a podcast just to stay current with PR events and get new and fresh ideas for their businesses and careers.