This generation of communication is wrapped around the idea of social media.  In my life,  high school is when I started with MySpace.  Freshman year of college, Facebook was the best thing since sliced bread.  Now it is all about Twitter.  What happened to the days of e-mail or the good ol’ reliable snail mail?

Like I said, Facebook came into my life the first week of my college experience.  I loved being able to catch up with my

old friends from high school and find the many new friends that I made being a brand new student on campus.  I got to reconnected with my extended family who live in Greece, and keep in touch with my Mom and Dad in between the weekly phone calls to home.

Facebook definitely helped me remember birthdays. And if I wanted to catch up with someone then I just leave a comment on their wall.   It’s easy to be sucked into Facebook 24/7 checking up on friends and their billions of pictures instead of studying.  As a student, one must have time management to balance school, socializing, and social networking.

Jump on the social media bandwagon By Matt Hamm

I recently got a Twitter account and I do like it.  But I must confess that I am the worst tweeter in the world. I don’t tweet very much.  My friend encouraged me to tweet from the heart…but I feel like I really do not have that much to say that others need to know.  I personally don’t enjoy it when people write every single thought that goes through their head.  But it is nice to read what motivational speakers write and check out my favorite artists. Hopefully I get better at updating my posts.

For my PR Applications class I learned how to create a blog so I can write essays and instead of printing them out or emailing them. Professor Nixon can just see everything that I have written on one website.  Having a blog is easier on the student and the teacher.  Everything is organized and I can add my own style to my blog, which is always fun.

Even though I miss the days on waiting for the mailman to give me a letter, social networking is fast, fun, and it’s free.  As I continue to grow older, I hope to be able to keep up with this fast paced world to communicate with the rest of humanity.