A public is a people group who have the same characteristics or interests.  There are many different people groups and publics.

I am first and foremost a member of the public of Christ followers.

  • I have been a Christian since I was young and understand that without the love of Christ Iwould be lost.
  • This public believes that God was the creator of everything and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all humanity’s sins and the only way to live eternally is through Jesus, our Savior.
  • Our purpose in life is to take care of those who cannot and are not able to take care of themselves, James 1:26-27, and also we are to tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ.

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  • I became a member when I was about five, but  I truly understood what being a Christ follower meant in my teen years.

I am a member of the public of college students.

  • I am a junior at Southeastern University and my peers and I are all striving to get a higher education and make something of our lives.
  • I believe that this publics is one that are trying to find out who they are.  It is a growing time for this group.
  • Our parents are letting go of the reins and we, as young adults, are starting to make decisions for ourselves.
  • We make mistakes all the time, but through this period in our lives we are learning how to be a voice in this world.
  • I chose to become a member by wanting to go to college and receive a degree in something that I want to succeed in.

I am a member of the public of Communication students.

  • This is like a sub-category underneath the public of college students.
  • I am a PR/ Journalism major and I am learning how to communicate effectively.
  • As Comm. students, we desire to work in the field of Communication which includes: broadcast, theater, public relations, journalism, etc.
  • Whether it’s through paper or on camera we want to make a difference and inform people on topics at hand.
  • I chose to become a member by becoming interested in public relations at a young age and I am extremely interested in this field.