When I read this article I literally laughed out loud. Read the article for yourself.

iPhone Front Page by: Håkan Dahlström

FACT: There is a new iPhone app that takes Catholics through the process of confession.
This app is the first to be approved by the Roman Catholic Church and it takes the viewer through the sacrament and gives them a personal examination of their own consciences.
Patrick Leinen said that: “the app is not designed to replace going to confession but to help Catholics through the act, which generally involves admitting sins to a priest in a confessional booth. Catholics still must go to a priest for absolution” (Para. 7).
I am sorry but does this sound hilarious to anyone besides me? I am sure that the designers of the app are making profit from it.  They call it the new confessional resource. Hmm.
So ladies and gentlemen, you can be saved from eternal damnation through this special iPhone app for only $1.99.
Any thoughts??