I chose to take this course because I am in the middle of making my first magazine for my magazine design class.  I thought that the topic would be interesting and relevant to me in my pursuit for an A.  I want to learn more about colors and how they work.

Going into this, I didn’t think that it would be very relevant to a PR student.  Yet the more   I started to read the material in the course I realized that it could be extremely helpful in the PR spectrum and with any field in communication.  One of the main forms of communication is sight.  And with sight comes color.  And color is powerful and moving whether we are aware of it or not.

Happy Rainbow Flower Pinwheel on Deep Blue Sky By Pink Sherbet Photography

I thought that this would be beneficial to a public relations practitioner because if they ever needed to put on an event, write something for their company, or change the look of their company they should know something about colors and how they evoke emotion and compliment each other.  They will need to know how to make a good decision in which colors to pick for a project and what message they are trying to express through the colors they chose.

The course was extremely helpful in understanding color hues, overtones, and moods.  I had no clue that color provides so much emotion to a painting or even a magazine cover.  There is so much power in color.  If you could evoke an emotion through color in print, than more people will be apt to notice what message you are trying to convey.

I would most definitely recommend this NewsU course to Journalism/ PR students.  I believe that this is a must for anyone going into photojournalism.  PR students should at least have an understanding of how colors can either compliment each other or not.
Click here to see a color spectrum.