Amongst all the devastation in Japan the Apple store was still open.  After 7 hours and 118 aftershocks of horror, Apple had not closed it doors.  Why do you ask…
They decided to become a refuge to the people of Japan.

apple store regent street london by: jonrawlinson

In Tokyo everything had shut down and millions were stuck in the city.  There was hardly anywhere for free Wi-Fi except for… you guessed it… Apple.

The free Wi-Fi in the stores helped people contact their families. People flocked the store surrounding the Mac TVs and looking online for current news.For the next three days they decided to become a shelter for the people who worked in the city because hotels were booked and with nowhere to go, people instantly became homeless.
The employees got financial support from corporate Apple and were able to get home after it was safe to travel.
Great job being awesome Apple!