The Bronx Zoo’s escaped cobra is causing a stir in New York.  Yet companies are using catchy press releases to get people to buy their product.

“Venom energy drink issued a press release today offering a year’s supply—that’s 365 blood-sugar-spiking bottles—of the drink to the snake’s captor.”
And here is the cheese press release:

“It’s going to take nerves of steel, cat-like reflexes, and some really thick gloves, preferably steel mesh,” said Dan Huff, director of marketing for Venom Energy Drink. “So we’re glad the Bronx Zoo’s experts are on the job. Charming and

Venom Energy Drink Cans by: gregg_koenig

capturing a deadly snake is for experts, but we’ve tried to replicate the adrenaline thrill with our custom energy blend. It’s just the sort of venom you actually want running through your veins.”

Does anyone want to risk their life to get a year supply of sugary energy drinks?

Be my guest…