Are you PR studs looking for an internship/job?

Yea me too…

My PR Applications class when over some great tips on how to write a killer resume.  My Professor Barbara Nixon, said that the purpose of a resume is to get your name out in the field you want to work.  Also it is meant to provide enough info about you so the employer will interview you.

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Here are 4 keys in preparing your resume:

1.    Target a position that you are qualified for.  Try to aim appropriately in the field of work that you are looking into.

2.    Highlight important information in your resume.  Underline and bold all the things you want potential employers to see and put titles and bullet points to break things into sections.  It’s easier on the eyes.

3.    Be specific.  Have goals and how you accomplished them in your resume.  Try to show potential employers how you overcame certain situations.

4.    Be correct in your grammar and spelling.  Always ask for people to proofread your resume.  *Also, ask for the spelling of potential employers and the company that you are applying for.

You want to have a short and concise resume.  I wouldn’t go past one page.  I recommend getting a LinkedIn account.  This way you can write all the details you about your experiences in the work world.

On your resume put your address, phone number, email, blog,  LinkedIn account, and twitter account so your potential employer can research you if they so desire.  It sounds like a lot of social networking stuff, but hey, you are a PRer.  Get use to social networking.

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Happy hunting!