To Speak Or Not To Speak, There Is No Question.

The movie, The Kings Speech has gotten a lot of promotion and awards. Many people are very impressed with this movie. Although I have not seen it, after reading an article on it, I realize I need to see it very very soon. The article talks about the 5 lessons lessons we can learn from The Kings Speech on communication.

The 5 lessons that are explained in this article are(all key points are taken from the article):

1. Have faith in your voice.

  • When you are working in a communication field(especially PR), you must know that what you say matters. There must be confidence and no doubt in what you say.
  • Keep in mind, just because you say something doesn’t mean it matters. Don’t just stammer on about anything. Make sure you are smart and intelligent in what you say.

2. Listen to Me!

  • When you speak, speak with dignity. Don’t just sit on the sidelines. Be in the middle of what is going on so you do not have to demand attention. The attention should be on you already.

3. Present Your Best Version.

  • What do you represent. When people see you, do they see someone who has a strong public persona, or are you ashamed of who you are?

4. Open Your Mouth …and…

  • Have you had bad thoughts or are you worried about running out of things to say or words to say?
  • If you have, maybe you should look over your speeches and make more points just in case you need more things to say.

5. Speak to and for the people.

  • Connecting with the people you are speaking for and to is key. But sometimes you can just fill your speeches with quotes and material inspired by others. Use your own inspiration and stand up for your people, and mean it.

If you have seen The Kings Speech or if you haven’t, these are wonderful lessons for someone who will be speaking publicly for their career.

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