I recently listened to my professor, Barbara Nixon, interview Martin Waxman, president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc.

He discussed life in a PR agency, the importance of a traditional PR background (including social media knowledge), and our digital footprints.

It was interesting to think that they were interviewing and they were not in the same room.  They had the interview take place over skype and it lasted for about 25 minutes.

I took away many things from the interview and gained knowledge in some areas that I was unaware of.  One of the things that I learned was that as students wanting to get out into the working world, we must learn to use grammar correctly.  Waxman said that he would not ask a person for an interview if they spelt things wrong in their resume or blog.

Neon Mic By: fensterbme

As students, we need to become more aware of how we spell things and double and triple check because spelling does matter.  It is professional to write well and it shows a lot about our character if we do not check our spelling.

A couple things did surprise me in the interview.  Waxman wrote a blog post about how the airlines need to fix a situation.  He did not think anything of it but later on the airline wrote him and told him that they were going to fix the problem.

I have a blog myself, I did not realize how influential it could be or that people outside of my PR class even read it.  What you write on a blog is open for any person to see, so make sure what you are writing is well thought out.

Another thing that surprised me was his discussion on podcasting.
He told my professor that he talks with his co hosts about 40 minutes before they record their podcast on skype.  It is amazing how they can figure what they will discuss in less than an hour.  They must be professionals because I know I couldn’t do that.  Waxman stated that podcasting was fun yet you must make sure you figure out exactly what to say because once it’s been said than it’s done.  Unlike blogging, because when you write something you can always rewrite it before you publish it.

I would like to know more about what everyday life is like for a PR professional like him.  He seems to have a lot on his plate and I would like to know how he is able to balance it all.

If you want to check out the interview for yourself click here.