Let me just say this…Twitter chats are intense!

I had no idea that the world of Twitter held chats for PR professionals and journalists.  It is amazing how people from around the world can just get on Twitter and start discussing social media and events.

This was my first time participating in any Twitter chat so I was definitely a fish out of water.

I used #journchat hosted by @PRsarahevans.  Check out Sarah Evan’s website here.

The chat started at 8 p.m. on Monday night.  I decided to join the chat and it quickly became a mad house.  So many people joined in all at once and started tweeting with each other.  The host led different discussion questions every 7-10 minutes and people were commenting on the discussion questions left and right.  Everyone shared their opinion on the issues presented and people wrote back agreeing or disagreeing.

What Are You Doing? By: wharman

I learned many things from this experience.

Lesson #1: I need to become a faster tweeter!  People would respond so quickly that by the time I read what everyone wrote we were onto the next topic.

Lesson #2: Twitter chats are a great avenue to get connected without PR professionals.  They all have experienced PR life.  As a student striving to get out into the PR world, it’s great to be able to hear their experience and gain knowledge from them.  They can give great advice to help me start out in my career.

What surprised me most was not being able to keep up with the conversation.  I was also surprised about how many people came out for the chat.  I want to say that there were about 65-80 tweeters.  I didn’t realize that Twitter chats were such a big deal.  It was neat to watch the conversation.

I want to know more about PR topics and current PR events.  I need to get on the ball with reading about social media news.  They host was asking questions that I did not know about so it was hard to participate.  I mostly observed the chat through the course of the hour.

My advice to PR students is to read social media news sites such as PR Daily.