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In my PR Applications class, I was assigned to give a presentation on the entertainment aspect of public relations.  This topic and all the information comes from Ch. 22 in Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

Here is just a bit of my presentation. Enjoy PR lovers!

A dominant factor in today’s mass media is the publicizing and glorifying of celebrities.  People always want to know everything about “the stars.” Our culture has a fascination with celebrities.  With that said, celebrities have to keep up their image.  They will hire PR consultants and practitioners to help them keep things going good.

One of the PR practitioner’s responsibilities is to maintain damage.  The objective is damage control.  A practitioner handling an individual client is responsible for protecting the client from bad publicity as well as generating positive news.  “When the client appears in a bad light because of misbehavior or an irresponsible public statement, the publicist must try to minimize the harm done to the client’s public image.”

At times, this responsibility could cause an ethical problem for publicists.  Misconduct by a client will hurt a practitioner’s ethical principles.  Sometimes practitioners may be victimized because the client has lied to them.  The celebrity will make the PR practitioner clean up their mess and create personal liability issues for the practitioner.

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Here are some ways to conduct a personality campaign for the client:

Interview the Client

Client should be given a detailed questionnaire.  The practitioner should dig to find interesting and newsworthy facts about their life.

•Prepare a Biography of the Client

The biography should be limited up to four pages.  Put it together with a portrait and other pictures of the client.  It should be easy to access for editors.

•Plan a Marketing Strategy

The purpose is to increase public awareness of the individual and decide which audiences are the most important to reach.

•Conduct a Campaign

An interview in an important magazine is key to promoting your client and getting their name out there.  Also, radio and television appearances are great to raise awareness.

•Record the Results

The practitioner needs to gather and analyze all the results to determine its effectiveness.

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