Okay… so I have learned tons in my PR Applications class taught by the lovely Barbara Nixon.

Here are the top 10 things that I have taken away from this class.

1. Twitter- It’s a whole other world.  Everyone hash tags like crazy and twitter chats are intense, but I think I finally have a grasp on how it can be a great tool to build contacts and networking.

sorte by: Silvio Tanaka

2. Resumes- I learned how to write my resume in the best way possible.  If I couldn’t fit everything on to my resume, I could put in on LinkedIn, which is a great site to connect with potential employers.

3. Interviews- Everything I need to know on how to ace and interview I learned.  It is all about presenting yourself in the best way possible from what nail polish you’re wearing to crazy good eye contact.

4. Internships- I learned how to rock my internship in 10 easy steps.  I will definitely keep in contact with my professors and the company that I intern for even after my college days.

5. WordPress- I know WordPress like the back of my hand!  Through this class I have learned to blog more effectively and how to make my posts look creative.  I love trying to find fun pictures to compliment what I’m writing on.

6. Networking- I have learned the importance of networking though sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.  In the world of PR, the key to finding a great job is through networking and keeping up with different forms of social media.

7. Blog Comments- Commenting on different blogs should come from the heart.

Bloggers love when other bloggers react to their current posts.  It’s a great way to get feedback on a topic and hear other people’s points of view and what they think.

8. Podcasts- They are really neat to listen to.  It still amazes me how people can be on opposite sides of the world yet host a podcast together.  I love how the hosts talk about what people write them and keep up with their devoted listeners.

9. PR Professionals- I have learned what it is like to be a PR pro.  I know now that it is a quick-on-your-feet kind of job but definitely rewarding.

10. Importance of grammar- This is extremely important when it comes to being professional and applying for jobs.  If you stink at grammar then you will not be able to get a worthwhile job in PR.

I would just like to shout out to Professor Nixon.  Thank you for teaching us great lessons in PR.  I will always remember what you taught throughout my entire career. Thanks so much! ☺