Here comes the bride…more like twenty of them.  Summers usually consist of beach days, summer camps, watermelon, and wedding after wedding after wedding.  It is a wonderful tradition that can become exhausting and expensive quick.  With these great tips and tricks you can survive the heat wave of summer weddings with style and a little left over change in your pocket.

Jennica Durbin, 22, advises to “stay with a friend so you don’t have to get a hotel room.”  It’s as simply as that.

            When going to an out-of-town wedding, instead of booking it up in a hotel, try to see if you could stay with a friend or family member of the bride or groom.  Even if you don’t know the host that well, you can bring them baked goods or a small gift as a peace offering.  Everyone loves a plate of cookies or a decorative candle.  Giving a gift might be a small gesture of saying thank you but it will leave a lasting impression.

            If you are traveling with groups of friends to the wedding, make a trip out of it.  Go a couple of days earlier then the wedding and visit the bridal party’s hometown.  It’s always nice to see where they grew up and you can explore somewhere new and different.  Go to all the local stops and be a tourist for a weekend.  If you’re lucky, maybe you will be able to crash the rehearsal dinner.

photo credit: random man

When it comes to multiple weddings, there must be multiple outfits.  You can’t wear the same outfit to every wedding you attend.  That’s just tacky, and a little gross.  If money grew on trees, then you could buy a new outfit for each event. Sadly, we do not live in fairytale land.  A more sensible option would be to borrow different outfits from your friends or mix and match from your own wardrobe.  Summer weddings are usually more relaxed on the attire so you can stretch proper dress code just a bit.  With the right accessories you can dress up practically anything.

What happens when you are on a budget and you are in multiple wedding parties?  You must prioritize what you buy for each wedding.  Know what is a necessity and try to minimize the splurging.

“Being in a wedding party is fun and has its perks but it can also get expensive fast. Personally, I see things I know my friends would like but can’t get everything or I would go broke. So prioritizing what you are going to buy and what you can go without buying, I think, saves money,” says bridesmaid Ashley Curry, 22.

            Buying the right gift for the wedding is a priority. The gift is practically your blessing for the marriage.  There are many ideas and ways to save on a wedding gift.

 If you are going to the wedding with a group, come up with a gift together and all pitch in a certain amount.  Since your buying a gift with the group, you can purchase something more expensive because overall it will be affordable.  Also, get creative with your presents.  Buy something from the bridal registry and then put in something that they didn’t ask for. Example: a set of fun picture frames or a great cookbook.  Be creative!

“My best piece of advice to find inexpensive wedding presents is to shop the sales. Often times people are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s or Kohl’s and often times these stores have great weekend sales.

Also, Bed Bath and Beyond carries over their coupons and will allow you to use them past the expiration date. So you can always get at least 20% off anything there,” says wedding expert Mikelle Liette, 22.

Food for thought: While determining how much to spend on a gift, you should look at the wedding as a whole. If the bridal party is serving a nice dinner, then the proper etiquette is to spend more on the gift, kind of like in return for the meal.  But if it is just appetizers or desserts, then you don’t have to spend quite as much.  Usually you can get a hint of what food will be served from the invitation.

Weddings are the start of lives together and are meant to be beautiful and fun.  Now with these great ideas to save a little you can enjoy every moment with the happy couple.