Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.  You here the monotonous clock ticking from the wall by your tiny cubical. You can’t wait until 5 o’clock rolls around so you can go home, eat dinner, watch another episode of Friends, go to sleep, and repeat.

My friend, I hate to break it to you, but you lead a miserable and boring life.  It’s time for some spice in your life.  It’s time to get a dose of Carpe Diem.  It’s time for a revitalizing road trip.

You think to yourself, could I possibly go on a road trip?  Could I really afford a road trip? Could I be spontaneous enough for a road trip?  Trust me, road tripping is good for the soul.  You will feel free, refreshed, and renewed when you hit the road with a beautiful destination awaiting you.  With these great tips, you will be ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Just you and the open road

The absolute first thing one needs to do when planning a road trip is picking the right destination.  It could start from anywhere and end anywhere. If you live on the coast, try driving along the coastline.  If you want to feel more daring and are in a go-big-or-go-home mood, then drive across the country. If you live in the south, then drive north.  If you live in the north, than head south.   Make sure that you plan out great stops along the way to your destination.

“I would want to take a road trip to Seattle. It’s cross-country, so I would be able to get a taste of the United States.  I think the long trip would be fun and I could finish off with a cup of coffee from the first Starbucks location,” says West Virginian Courtney Aperfine, 21.

Eat at the best joints in town!

Nothing says a great road trip more then stopping to see the world’s largest dust bunny or drinking America’s best cup o’ Joe.  Make sure to hit all the hot spots and enjoy the place your in.  If you’re driving along the coast, make sure to stop and take in the beauty of the ocean.  If you’re driving through the countryside, enjoy the rolling hills and majestic trees.

The second step is to find great company.  You can’t just take anyone on a road trip. You should take someone who is easy going and open to spontaneous change of plans.  If you take someone who has a hard time enjoying the simple things in life, you might be in for a real (not so sweet) treat.  Finding the right companions is key to a successful road trip.

The third step to making a fabulous road trip a reality, is figuring out your financial situation.  How much are you willing to spend on this trip?  Will you be able to afford the gas, food, and lodging?  Some great ways to save your pretty pennies for some awesome souvenirs are to pack snacks and sandwiches.  Get a cooler and put in everything you’ll need to make your favorite sandwiches and bring plenty of chips and munchies.  Also, bring tons of bottled water because you will want to stay hydrated for the long drives.

Another great tip for saving money is to making your rest stops around people you know.  If you decide to stop for the night, call up your Aunt Muriel ahead of time and ask if you can stay the night as you’re passing through.  I’m sure she would love to catch up and you might get a home cooked meal out of it.

Shaun Pierre, 22, has a different outlook on saving for a road trip. He is all about being spontaneous and living in the moment; even if your moment isn’t the most financially stable.

Just drive.

“I guess saving is the opposite of spontaneity, so take some YOU time, and invest it.  Sure the bills wont get paid on time. Sure you might get evicted. Sure your bookie will have a bounty out for you when you return. But who cares.  Live in the moment, for it’s in those moments when life has meaning!”

The next step to a successful road trip is to get the right tunes.  If you think that the radio will suffice, then you will not be a happy camper three hours in.  Make sure to make plenty of CDs and break out the iPod (don’t forget the charger) when necessary. Nothing says a boring car ride without jam out sessions to the Beatles or Justin Bieber.

The fifth step is correct packing.  Make sure you are comfortable on your road trip.  The majority of the road trip will be in your car, so bring sweat pants and comfy tees.  Maybe take one to two nice outfits in case you go out on the town.  Yet make sure to keep your suitcase light.  If possible share a suitcase with your traveling companions so you will have plenty of room in your car to be relaxed.

Find fun tourist attractions and take pictures!

One of the most important things that you could pack for the trip is your camera. I repeat, do not forget your camera.  It is vital for a memorable road trip to bring your camera and document every single thing.  I guarantee that you will have so many inside jokes by the end of your journey and countless stories to tell your friends and family.  Make sure to capture all the moments so nothing is forgotten.  You won’t regret it.

Jordan Walters, 21, said, “Road trips are meant to be fun and silly, so if things go wrong don’t stress just enjoy it!”

Enjoy the view.

The last and most important key to an amazing road trip is having the right frame of mind.  If you are an uptight control freak of a human being, maybe you should get a massage before hand or just really work on being relaxed and open for change of plans.  If you have a great attitude going into the trip, then you will enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Now that you have the ingredients you’ll need to create an exciting once-in-a-lifetime road trip, go out and conquer.  You can do it! Just keep calm, and enjoy the open road.